Linguistics Department, 3125 Campbell Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90025

About me [CV]
I am a Visiting Assistant Professor (Job title: Assistant Adjunct Professor) at the UCLA Linguistics Department
My research interests lie in phonology, phonetics, and their interfaces. 
How is my name pronounced in Taiwan Mandarin?
[ʂuHH-hauMH ʂɹ̩MH]

Recent events
Shih, Shu-hao . 2018. The phonetics and phonology of non-moraic schwas: New evidence from Piuma Paiwan. The 49th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 49) @ Cornell University.
Shih, Shu-hao. 2018. The phonetics and phonology of non-moraic syllables: Theory and evidence. Colloquium talk. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
Shih, Shu-hao. 2018. On the existence of sonority-driven stress in Gujarati. Phonology 35.2.

Last updated: January 29, 2019