Linguistics Department, 18 Seminary Place, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

About me [CV]
I am a fifth-year graduate student at the Rutgers Linguistics Department
My research interests lie in phonology, phonetics, and their interfaces. 
How is my name pronounced in Taiwan Mandarin?
[ʂuHH-hauMH ʂɹ̩MH]

My dissertation investigates the phonology and phonetics of sonority-driven stress.  I focus on Gujarati (Indo-Aryan) and Piuma Paiwan (Austronesian), as they represent very distinct types.  My research on Gujarati is published in the journal Phonology 35.  I collect my own data from laboratory experiments and fieldwork.

Dissertation Committee: Paul de Lacy (chair), Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Adam Jardine, Matthew Gordon (external) 

Recent publications and events
Shih, Shu-hao. 2018. On the existence of sonority-driven stress in Gujarati. Phonology 35.2.
Shih, Shu-hao. 2017. On the interaction between phrase-final lengthening and prosodic structure
The 53rd Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 53) @ University of Chicago.

Last updated: December 10, 2017