Refereed Conference Presentations
Shih, Shu-hao (2017). On the interaction between phrase-final lengthening and prosodic structure
The 53rd Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 53), University of Chicago, Illinois. 

Shih, Shu-hao (2016). Binarity and focus in prosodic phraing: New evidence from Taiwan Mandarin
The 2016 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2016), University of Southern California, Los Angelas. 

Shih, Shu-hao (2016). Major phrases are binary: Evidence from Taiwan Mandarin flat structure
The West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 34 (WCCFL 34), University of Utah, Utah.

Shih, Shu-hao (2016). Does Gujarati stress avoid the lowest sonority vowel [ə]?. 
CUNY Phonology Forum on the Sonority, CUNY Graduate Center, New York.

Shih, Shu-hao (2015). Sonority-driven stress does not exist. 
The 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2015), Vancouver, Canada.

Shih, Shu-hao (2015). Against sonority-driven stress in Gujarati. 
The 23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM 23), Manchester, UK.
Other Presentations
Shih, Shu-hao (2016). Prosodic phrasing in Mandarin flat structure. 
Phonology in the Northeast 2016 (PhoNE 2016), New York University. 

Shih, Shu-hao (2015). On the existence of sonority-driven stress. 
Phonology in the Northeast 2015 (PhoNE 2015), Yale University.